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Finding exclusive and exciting experiences to sell at your next fundraiser just got easier because TravelPledge makes it simple! From small ticket items (like foursomes of golf) for your silent auction or raffle to big ticket experiences (like vacations and ocean cruises) for your live auction! All of these have proven to appeal to attendees of fundraising events.

Create your free account, then select multiple experiences and sell them at your fundraising event. You'll find an amazing selection of experiences for your supporters to enjoy. Golf, vacations, lessons, cruises, golf vacations and more! Get started for free, and you'll quickly see "where giving is going".

How TravelPledge Works

Select Fun Experiences

Find a great variety of items for fundraising event auctions and raffles. Browse hundreds of fun experiences, and see how your organization raises far more money for your cause thanks to the "TravelPledge Advantage".

Sell Them at Your Event

No obligation and no risk. Your organization pays only for the experiences that you sell. You'll always keep between 40% and 90% of the winning bid (based on the type of experience and the winning bids).

Tell Us Which Experiences Sold

After your event, let us know which experiences you sold. Winning bidders automatically receive their certificates and enjoy easy redemption.

Promote Your Year Round Fundraising Website

All nonprofit organizations that join TravelPledge get a free custom branded (your logo, your colors, all about your organization) TravelPledge site. Promote this special website to your donors in emails, social postings, and elsewhere and watch the resulting donations. Tell your donors to GO have fun!

Example: One of your donors spends $100 on a golf lesson promoted on your TravelPledge site, and your organization receives $80 (80% of what is spent!).

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Frequently Asked Questions

A golf course sent me here to get a certificate. What do I need to do?
Golf courses use TravelPledge to help them manage all of the requests that they receive from charities. Once you create a verified account by providing the basic details of your nonprofit, we’ll validate your information (takes about three business days worst case), and send you your credentials to log in and get fun experiences (including golf) for promotion at your event. We’ll give you all the promotional materials.
How much money can we expect to raise using your service?
Quite a bit. You'll make between 40% and 90% (depends on what type of experience you sell) of the purchase price in all cases! For example, if the winning bid at your auction on a foursome of golf is $500, we retain $100 and you make $400. See the "TravelPledge Advantage". Clearly, we are not an "old school" consignment program. (watch video) | (see more examples)
Is there a fee for your services? How does TravelPledge cover its costs?
To accomplish our simple goal of covering our operational costs, we retain 20% of the charitable contribution and you keep the other 80%. Our model maximizes donations because nonprofits are sure to make a big portion of the winning bids (for auctions) and online purchases. And we only retain 10% when a nonprofit loads their own vacation into our system. We are diligent about getting the best partnerships with generous business owners and will give back all our net proceeds to charity.
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